3-termer barangay officials advised to file COC for other positions


3-termer barangay officials advised to file COC for other positions

by Gay B. Gaspay

Tacloban City, Leyte (August 10) -- To shed light to those 3-termers barangay officials seeking the same position in this forthcoming synchronized barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Election this October, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) regional office 8 advised them to file certificate of candidacy for another position.

This is in answer to the many querries from barangay officials themselves interested to run in the same position after serving their 3-year term of office. In an interview with DILG, Information Officer Myles Colasito, he stipulated that these barangay officials are also covered by the 3-term limit law provided for all elective provincial, city and municipal officials as well.

He further clarifies that the amended local government code clearly states that all elective officials who has serve three terms in office should seek another position in the next election.

According to Mr. Colasito, recently DILG Regional Director William Paler revealed that Local Government Undersecretary Austere A. Panadero has issued an advisory citing Republic Act 9164 particularly Section 2 of said act which was passed in year 2002 which amended the Local Government Code.

Republic Act 9164 Section 2 states that the term of office of all barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) officials shall have three years. No barangay officials shall serve more than three consecutive years in the same position. Provided that the term of office shall be reckoned from the 1994 barangay elections. The section adds that voluntary renunciation shall not be considered as an interruption of the elective barangay official's full term.

Mr. Colasito added that according to Dir. Paler, Section 2 of RA 9164 is not among the provisions expressly or impliedly repealed by RA 9340 which clearly state only of the resetting dates of barangay and SK elections from its original date 2005 schedule to October 2007.

Director Paler futher advised affected officials from the Barangay Chairman down to Barangay Councilors who has served three terms already, should refrain from filing certificates of candidacy on the same position they are holding recently for it will definitely disqualify them. They can run in another sit if they want to, Mr. Colasito said. (PIA)

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