Basic commodities still at reasonable prices


Basic commodities still at reasonable prices

by T. Villavert

Iloilo City (18 May) -- Prices of prime and basic commodities remained at the same level as to last week’s price and when compared even two weeks before, the prices are at its reasonable magnitude, said DTI-Iloilo Director Diosdado Cadena in an interview with the Philippine Information Agency.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) conducts regular price monitoring every Monday, Cadena said, and a focused special monitoring for cement product, and all brands, in anticipation for some possible effects that may be brought about by the extended dry season and the several rounds of price increases of oil products.

Cadena noted that per their monitoring, cement products within Iloilo City limit is Pl57.00 to Pl62.00 per bag. The price outside the city may run up to Pl65.00 because retailers naturally will charge transport cost for it.

As to school supplies, Cadena noted that they never encountered any problem in this category, even from last year’s experience “kay kadamo brands nga mapilian” (there are wide array of brands to choose from).

"Depending on how much they are willing to pay, buyers could choose from ordinary and special types of notebooks and papers, ball pens and others," Cadena explained.

On price monitoring activity, Cadena further explained, that the monitoring will not bring down prices but it will help assure consumers that the government is watching the availability of basic goods at reasonable prices, and to protect them against undue price increases by unscrupulous individuals. Likewise, the consumers are kept informed of the latest price trends.

The DTI-Iloilo Provincial Director also urged the public to organize themselves into a consumers’ group in order to step up vigilance and protection against profiteers in the market.

Local government executives should likewise take active role in price monitoring so that consumers will be protected from those intending to take undue advantage of the situation, Cadena said.(PIA)

Diosdado Cadena Jr.