Calamity funds not for salaries of LGU personnel, DILG warns

Calamity funds not for salaries of LGU personnel, DILG warns

Thursday 19th of July 2012

MANILA, July 19 (PIA) -- The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) on Tuesday advised all local government units (LGUs), including barangays, to use 70 percent of their 5 percent disaster funds to acquire basic rescue and response equipment and not for the salaries of local government personnel.

In a statement, DILG Undersecretary Austere Panadero pointed out that local disaster risk reduction and management (LDRRM) funds of LGUs, and even barangays, should not be used to pay for the salaries of DRRM officers but for the acquisition of even the most basic emergency response equipment.

Earlier, the DILG issued Memo Circular 2012-73, which provides guidelines on the utilization of the LDRRMF.

Under the guidelines, 70 percent of the 5 percent LDRRMF may be utilized to procure early warning systems, preparedness equipment and other equipage, such as the following: for floods, rubber boats, inflatable rafts, rain gauges, warning bells, high power torches and fire extinguishers; for earthquakes, forklift, grader, hack saw, backhoe, electric drill, megaphone and safety full body harness; for volcanic eruption, rescue whistle, warning bells, search lights, breathing apparatus and forklift; and for landslide, dump truck, foldable stretcher, pulling and lifting machine and first aid boxes, among others.

Panadero also pointed out that under RA 10121 or the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act, unexpended LDRRMF funds shall accrue to a special trust fund that shall be used solely for the purpose of supporting disaster risk reduction and management activities of the LDRRMCs within the next five years.

He said any amount still not fully utilized after five years shall revert back to the general fund and will be available for other social services to be identified by the local sanggunian (council). (DILG/RJB/JCP-PIA NCR) - - Austere Panadero

Boracay, Aklan