DTI mulls strengthening of programs on consumer welfare


DTI mulls strengthening of programs on consumer welfare

by Venus G. Villanueva

Kalibo, Aklan (20 November) -- The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) here is planning to further strengthen its programs for the protection of consumers.

According to DTI-Aklan Provincial Director Diosdado Cadena, some of the activities the DTI is planning to do are by forming consumer organizations in schools and conducting information education campaigns (IEC) among different sectors in the province.

Forming consumer organizations in school, according to Cadena is important to make students aware of their rights this early, even elementary school pupils. On the other hand, different sectors of the society should also be made aware of their rights as consumers. This could be relayed to them, according to Cadena, during seminars and orientations conducted regularly by their office.

Consumers should know if establishments sell safe, quality products and are practicing fair trade laws. Establishments must have complaints desks too, according to Cadena.

Cadena also solicited the help of media in ensuring the protection and welfare of consumers.

"Through you, let's tell the people to be vigilant. If you see unfair trade practices, report it to the DTI," Cadena said.

On the part of consumers, he appealed to them to be always kept informed of their rights.

"Patronize establishments that sell good products with reasonable prices. Don't just go to a store and buy right away what you need. If you have time, try to look into other stores and compare prices, then decide where to buy," he reminded consumers.

He also called on consumers to refrain from buying products which have no labels. He said this practice might be done as an aftermath of Typhoon Frank which destroyed the cartons of products leaving the contents intact inside the foil.

"You cannot be sure where that came from. A consumer needs to know its source, and the contents," Cadena said.

As part of its mandate, DTI is continuously monitoring supplies and prices of manufactured goods in commercial establishments in Aklan.

This is to see that supplies are enough and prices are stable to help ensure food security in the province. (PIA)

Diosdado Cadena Jr.