No increase in flour prices in Aklan

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No increase in flour prices in Aklan

KALIBO, Aklan, February 23 (PIA) -- The price of flour in the province of Aklan has not yet been increased due to sufficient and available supply at retail outlets.

According to Engr. Diosdado P. Cadena, Jr., Provincial Director of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) here, Aklan’s flour retailers have already received notice last week from their suppliers that the price of flour has already increased by P20.00

Based on DTI’s latest flour price monitoring report, hard flour with brands like Dakota, as of February 23, is sold for P840/kg. bag; Washington, P827.00 and Montana, P846.00.

Compared with February 15-16 monitoring, Dakota’s current flour price did not change although that of Washington and Montana rose February 23 by P1.00.

A week ago, a 25 kilogram bag of Washington flour could be bought for P826.00 and Montana, P845.00.

Soft flour, on the other hand could be bought for P745.00 per bag at 25 kilograms a week ago, but not it is sold for P746.00 – an increase of P1.00.

The price of Amigo flour did not change. Its price is still priced at P733.00 pper 25 kilogram bag, the same during February 15-16 DTI price monitoring.

Meanwhile, a grocery store here said it will be reducing its prices of refined and brown sugar by P2.00 per kilogram once their stock of sugar arrives February 24, according to the DTI.

Per DTI-Aklan monitoring, the price of refined sugar here is P62.00 per kilogram and brown sugar, P50.00 per kilogram. (JCM/VGV PIA 6 Aklan) - - Diosdado Cadena Jr.