No movemment in prices of basic commodities since May - DTI


No movemment in prices of basic commodities since May - DTI

by T. Villavert

Iloilo City (18 August) -- Prices of prime and basic commodities remained the same when compared to its prevailing prices three months ago.

As reported by Director Diosdado Cadena of the Department of Trade and Industry, Iloilo Provincial office in an interview with PIA, if there were some that may be observed to have price increases these are some slight increases only for the long overdue adjustments or product positioning.

Cadena clarified that DTI has jurisdiction only to the following basic and prime commodities to keep watch: canned fish and other marine products, processed milk, coffee, laundry soap, detergent, candles, bread, salt, flour, processed and canned pork, processed and canned beef and poultry meat, noodles, vinegars, patis, soy sauce, toilet soap, paper, school supplies, cement, clinker, G.I. Sheets, hollow blocks, construction nails, batteries, electrical supplies, light bulbs and steel wires.

He cited for example the price of one popular brand of canned fish which for the past three months has remained tagged at P9.35 and the other competing brand at P8.95. For processed milk, Cadena said that there was no monitored movement of price increases since May 2005.

Cadena also noted that while there were no price movements in a certain popular brand for coffee - one particular brand has 5% increase of its 35 grams refill pack at Pl4.75 from its Pl3.75 previous price, but the 50 grams of the said brand has lowered its price from last month’s P27.50 to P26.75. This is their way of product positioning, that their small refill pouch have increased to a minimal level, and their big refill pouch has been lowered.

Loaf bread and pandesal also retained its May 2005 price. A fluctuating price behavior was observed for flour, one particular period it increased to only one percent then it lower to two percent and then increase again in the same margin, but this depends on the so called spot demand, Cadena explained.

The prevailing prices of construction materials remained low when compared to its May 2005 prices, Cadena said.

The price monitoring, Cadena said will not bring down prices but it will help assure consumers that the government is watching the availability of basic goods at reasonable prices, and ready to protect them against undue price increases caused by unscrupulous individuals. The consumers are likewise informed of the latest price trends.

Per Republic Act No.758l otherwise known as the Price Act, the other implementing agencies which have jurisdiction over commodities enumerated hereunder are as follows: Department of Agriculture- rice, corn, cooking oil, fresh/dried fish and other marine products, fresh eggs, fresh pork, beef and poultry meat, fresh milk, fresh vegetables, root crops, sugar, fresh fruits, dried pork/beef and poultry meat, fresh dairy products, onions, garlic, fertilizer (chemical and organic), pesticides, herbicides, poultry/swine feeds, veterinary products for poultry/swine and cattle; Department of Health: drugs classified as essential by the DOH and drugs not classified as essential by the DOH; Department of Environment and Natural Resources: firewood, charcoal, plywood, plyboard, nipa shingles and sawali. (PIA)

Diosdado Cadena Jr.