Proposed consumer bill of rights to strengthen consumerism - DTI


Proposed consumer bill of rights to strengthen consumerism - DTI

by T. Villavert

Iloilo City (16 April) -- Once the Consumers Bill of Rights is enacted, it would serve as a tool in strengthening consumerism making our people more conscious and they should come out stronger in asserting their rights.

This was disclosed by Director Diosdado Cadena, Jr., of the Department of Trade and Industry-Iloilo Provincial Office in a PIA interview, emphasizing that "while there are several provisions in advancing and protecting the rights of the consumers, the President's urgent call for Congress to approve the Consumer Bill of Rights is a welcome move of the executive department of the government to protect the public.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo pressed anew Congress to enact a Consumers Bill of Rights to protect the public from unscrupulous traders and unfair practices.

The President made the urgent request at the start of the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA)-Cabinet meeting at the Department of Justice (DOJ) administration,recently.

The Malacanang press report disclosed that since last month, the President has been urging Congress to pass the Consumers Bill of Rights to ease the people's burden arising from unfair trade practices especially with the current global problem on the high cost of fuel and prices of food items that include rice.

The President made the pitch as she announced the filing of two cases of smuggling against 12 individuals suspected of being involved in the illegal importation of 32 vans of wheat flour that deprived the government of some P2.6 million in revenue.

To reinforce the provisions of the rules of court, we will be submitting a Consumers Bill of Rights to Congress. I call on all our political leaders to join hands and close ranks to meet this challenge," the President said.

The President said there would be no sacred cows in safeguarding the nation's food supplies and she would personally lead the charge in going after any form of corruption, particularly the diversion of supplies and increased prices to protect the consumers, especially the poor.

"Concerning enforcement of our laws against price gouging and corruption, we have already taken steps to protect our consumers from rice and even bread bandits and unscrupulous traders together with their accomplices in the bureaucracy who would hold our citizens hostage to their own selfish and corrupt practices. Those who seek to take advantage of our people will and must be stopped," the President said. (PIA) - - Diosdado Cadena Jr.