by Bluehyacinth; May 30, 2006
    Many years ago, a simple girl looked out from the window of their modest house. As she saw the big houses and buildings across and the busy streets ahead, she dreamed to be part of the busy world. She dreamed to be a pretty bank teller or a nurse someday. She dreamed to be successful and be the best that she can be.

    I was that simple girl with many dreams. Tonight, my friends, I will be sharing with you three chapters of my life; my childhood and schooling, my present, and my aspirations for the future. I feel uncomfortable talking about myself, but I have to break the ice and pass this project no. 1.

    I was born 45 years ago in Cabatuan, Iloilo and the eldest of four children. My father worked as a provincial government employee and a town councilor, and my mother as a public school teacher. Of us four children, three of us are now doctors of medicine.

    As a child, my world revolved around my family and school. I had my elementary education at Cabatuan Elementary School and secondary education at CNCHS, graduated in both, as class valedictorian. My folks believed that I can make it to any course, and they believed that I deserved what they thought then was the highest course, Doctor of Medicine. So, I studied as college scholar at then WVSC taking up Bachelor of Arts in Preparatory Medicine and graduated in 1981 as cum laude. I got my diploma As Doctor of Medicine at the same school in 1985.

    Being romantic and love stricken, I got married early in my internship year. I was 25 years old then when I married my first love, a nice guy I met 8 years earlier at a high school leadership conference in Baguio City. I took the medical board the following year and passed it despite the presence of ten months old baby.

    My husband, then a starting businessman, and a success oriented guy encouraged me to go further in my studies. I trained at IDH as pediatric resident for three years with a minimum salary. It was not easy riding home to Kalibo for five hours every month. Communication then is through PTT or RCPI wherein you have to wait hours just to get connected. But I persisted with Godís grace, and finished my residency in three years and had three certificates; one certificate of training and two birth certificates. Two more kids came along as I got and passed my written and oral exams to qualify as diplomate member of the Phil. Pediatric Society.

    We started our business as the same time we started our family. With diligence, strong convictions, and the Lordís guidance, we were able to expand our business: the Bread and Butter Bakeshop and Blue Star School and Office Supplies. Likewise, we have become a big family of six children.

    At present, I am at my middle age, but not in a serious midlife crisis. I have learned to live with my hot flashes and other symptoms. I keep reminding myself how lucky I am to have experience this stage. So, I channel my extra energies to other things like exercise, meditation, and socialization.

    I love to be with people sharing ideas and wisdom and doing something for the common good. I joined many organizations: The Kiwanis Club as past president of Kiwanettes group, the CWL as past unit president, now as diocesan vice president, the AMS as past vice president for five years, recently as president, and now as member of this KTM.

    Learning is one of my passions. I tried to attend conferences, see movies, read books and magazines as many as possible. I believe also that traveling will give me adventure and more learning, so every but not so often, I go places in and out of the country as my pocket can afford. Last year, I was able to see Pope John Paul II in Vatican City months before he died, and was so happy to have attended mass at Lourdes Grotto in France.

    Art is my other passion. I do ballroom dancing as body art expression. I am into water color painting and poetry making. I love flower gardening and house keeping.

    At work, I am a juggler. I have to mix not just two, but three concerns: my family, my work and our business. It is hard, but I am not complaining. In fact, I am grateful to the Lord for the many opportunities and trials that came our way. We consider our six children as blessings rather than big responsibilities.

    Just like any human being, I have my ups and downs, my good times and bad times, but through it all I have kept my faith. So in my poem of 2002, I wrote:

ďLord, I donít pray for a perfect life,
Give me some pain and some mistakes to learn.
Lord, I donít pray for life eternal,
Just grant me long life to savor myself as being mortal.Ē

    I have some aspirations for the future, and I entrust them all to the Lord. Just like any other parent, I wish for my children to grow as responsible, balanced, loving and God obedient adults. For myself, I wish to retire young looking, rich and pretty. Seriously, I like to retire early so I can have more time for my family, my other interests, and my socio-religious activities. I like to retire with my husband in a cottage by the sea, doing some painting and writing some poems or it can be in a house in a farm, tending to flower and vegetable gardens, Wherever the Lord will lead me, I will gladly follow.
To end I pray:

ďLord, when I succeed in anything I do, I will celebrate.
When I fail at times, I will not complain
For when I think of the blessing you have given me in bountiful,
I canít help but praise you lord and always be grateful.Ē