James Abet Superales Laguardia
Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman
Brgy. Acao, Cabatuan
How Acao Got Its Name:

Several versions on how Acao got its name still cling in the minds of some old folks interviewed as well as with the origin of the name of the barangay. It's a general belief that Acao got its name from trees abundantly growing in the place which is ... Cacao. Spanish Era specifically on the latter part of 1700's, Tiniente del Barrios Cipriano Oñate, Manuel Montinola and Severo Marquez Sr. have vast plantation of Cacao trees. Moreover, in 1900's, Nicholas Marquez, Victoriano Parreño and Vicente Larios have massive plantation of Cacao. It is believed that their wives were the maker of the famous native delicacy of Cabatuan and as well as the whole Iloilo which is "Cacao Tablea". The making of Tablea had been passed through traditions and became popular in the Philippines since Spanish Era. The Tablea that can be found in Acao has been distinguished as the best and its captivating taste remains in the heart of the one who taste it.

Legends of Barangay Acao:

One of the famous legends of Barangay Acao is: According to some books, before Spanish times, the place had no name. There were many Cacao trees growing in this location. When the Spaniards happened to visit the area, they asked the people about the luxuriant trees bearing fruits abundant in the premises. The Native Man said "They were the Cacao trees". The Spaniards misheard what the Native Man said. They asked "Are these Acao trees?" From that time on, the barangay was named "Acao".

History of Acao:

Barangay Acao existed since pre-war time. It is known as the biggest barangay in the history of Cabatuan even until now. During that time, the total land area of Acao is roughly estimated 900-1,000 hectares. Due to the misunderstanding of Severo Marquez Sr. and Moises Paniagua, the first leaders (Tiniente del Barrio) of Acao, the barangay was divided. Barrio went to Severo and Sitio Ito (Ito Norte and Ito Sur today) to Moises. The industrious undertaking of its Tiniente del Barrio, development unfolded and the population increased. Thus in 1972 Sitio Inaca separated, headed by Jesus Galindo. Lately, according to National Census its total population is with 544.80 hectares land area.

Demography of Barangay Acao:

Gabrielle Joefe Dabi Pama
Bb. Cacao 2012
Brgy. Acao, Cabatuan
(Photo by Cherry Mae Marquez Sulatra)

Camille Laguardia
Brgy. Acao Contestant for Miss Tinuom 2012

Barangay Acao has a land area of 544.80 and Sitio Rero-an is part of it. It is bounded on the North of Barangay Tupol Central, on the North East by Barangay Tupol Oeste, on the North West by Barangay Lag-an, West by Barangay Inaca, the East by Barangay Ito Norte, and the South East by Barangay Ito Sur, on the South by Barangay Pandan. The distance from Cabatuan Poblacion is 4 Kilometer and it has a hilly topography. Farming is the chief industry and Sawali weaving is the secondary one.

Leaders of Barangay Acao:
"Leaders of the Past are the pillars of Tommorow."

Leaders during the Pre-war and the Second World were called Tiniente del Barrio. The following had been the Tiniente del Barrio of Acao. They were:
1. Severo "Tiniente Eroy" Marquez Sr.
2. Manuel "Tiniente Manuel" Montinola
3. Cipriano "Tiniente Uper" Oñate
4. Moises "Tiniente Moises" Paniagua
5. Bruno "Tiniente Bunoy" Fajardo
6. Manuel "Tiniente Ani" Gayonoche
7. Mateo Martin "Tiniente Teo" Laguardia
8. Daniel "Tiniente Daniel" Soldevilla
9. Victoriano "Tiniente Apet" Parreño
10. Evaristo "Tiniente Ebar" Quilarto
11. Eduardo "Tiniente Adok" Parreño
12. Apolonio "Tiniente Onyok" Galindo
13. Pedro "Tiniente Indo" Paniagua
14. Abdon "Tiniente Abdon" Rando
15. Nicholas "Tiniente Kulay" Marquez
16. Lamberto "Tiniente Beto" Galindo
17. Valentin "Tiniente Enting" Quilarto
18. Enicitas "Tiniente Citas" Mijares
19. Bruno "Tiniente Uno" Albolote
20. Jesus "Tiniente Jesus" Galindo
21. Dominggo "Tiniente Inggoy" Paniagua
22. Florencio "Tiniente Polo" Marquez
23. Jose "Tiniente Jose " Quilarto Mah
24. Arcadio "Tiniente Apin" Laguardia
25. Antonina "Tinientella Anto" Morata Oñate
26. Tiburcio "Tiniente Ibud" Quilarto
27. Igmedio"Tiniente Medio" Huyo
28. Andres "Tiniente Andres" Albolote
29. Pantaleon "Tiniente Taleon" Cartoja
30. Custodio "Tiniente Tudoy" Rando
31. Agusto "Tiniente Impo" Cañasares
32. Severino "Tiniente Beno " Oñate
33. Silverio "Tiniente Beyok" Galindo
34. Nemesio "Tiniente Meling" Soldevilla
35. Manuel "Tiniente Manuel" Oñate
36. Cornelia "Tinientella Corning" Cordoniga

Tiniente del Barrio changed to Barangay Chairman:
37. Igmedio "Chairman Medio" Huyo

Barangay Chairman changed to Barrio Kapitan:
38. Nemesio "Kapitan Meling" Soldevilla
39. Ruperto "Kapitan Perto" Rando
40. David "Kapitan David" Parreño - 1987-1988 OIC Barrio Kapitan

Barrio Kapitan changed to Punong Barangay:
41. Hon. Jesus "Punong Barangay Isoy" Mijares - 1989-2002
42. Hon. Anecito "Punong Barangay Odoy" Quesada Laguardia - 2002-2007, 2007-2010 and 2010 up to the present