Oath Taking Message of Cabatuan Mayor Maroma, 2010
Municipality of Cabatuan, Iloilo, Philippines

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Oath Taking Message

Written by Mun. Planning & Devt. Office
Wednesday, 10 November 2010 09:23

Today, by the grace of God, I accept with humility the mandate of leadership gifted to me by the great people of Cabatuan. I can never say enough to say Thank You to all of you.

I take this opportunity to express gratitude to all those who provided me the inspiration, courage and support. Ginapasalamatan ko ang akon familia, ang nagtaliwan ko nga asawa, mga kabugtuan, mga kabayawan, pakaisahan kag mga parientes. Subong man guinapasalamatan ko ang mga amigos, amigas, lederes, coordinators kag volunteers. Pasalamatan ko man ang mga upod ko sa partido kag advisers sa pagbinuligay sang grupo para sa isa ka kausa. Most of all I acknowledge with deep appreciation the crucial role of our party leaders in the province and municipality whose political sponsorship and patronage helped me launch my candidacy and pursue a successful campaign.

Even, as we celebrate victory, we offer a hand of conciliation to our distinguished opponents. Sa amon nga kasumpong, naglain lang ang amon nga plataforma. Pero isa man lang ang amon katuyuan ang pag-uswag sang Cabatuan suno sa masarangan namon. Guina abi-abi ko ang mga ideya, experiensya kag kooperasyon para sa kaaraydan kang aton nga banwa.

No single person or group has monopoly of good insights and management of government. We will listen to counsel from our predecessor and friends.

Cabatuan today stands at the threshold of great economic opportunities expected to be generated by projects in the government and business sectors. It may take long-term plans of action to benefit from the economic windfalls of the new airport and downstream projects but we will see to it that we will be alert to seize upcoming opportunities and lay the groundwork for an investment-friendly Cabatuan. We have to upgrade existing infrastructure to stimulate growth and extend the benefits of progress to the countryside.

Despite the achievements made by the administration of Mayor Yee, definitely more have to be done. Our farm to market roads has to be maintained and more have to be opened to boost agricultural productivity and business activities. The idle manpower in our town must be trained for livelihood opportunities. The eco-tourism potentials of our town must be tapped. Collection of local revenues and taxes must be intensified. Existing programs on health, education, agriculture and social services must be continued and even expanded. The business climate of our town must be improved. Close cooperation with all churches and faith must be maintained to strengthen the moral and spiritual fiber of our people.

We will continue to encourage private support for community improvements. We have witnessed during the last few years how some Cabatuananons abroad has responded with enthusiasm to call for assistance or donations to worthy public undertakings. We will maintain, if not enhance, this measure of valuable support. Kinahanglan ta ang bulig sang mga pribado nga sektor. Nakita ta ang pagbulig sang mga Cabatuananon sa luwas sang pungsod sa panawagan nga magbulig sa mga proyekto diri sa banwa. We need to inspire private cooperation and initiative by developing an efficient information and feedback mechanism and allowing convenient audit access to performance and expenditures.

To realize these development goals, the cooperation of all sectors of society is imperative. In this regard, I call on all governmental and non-government agencies in our town for support and cooperation with this incoming administration. The task ahead is gigantic and the burden is heavy, the help of every Cabatuananon, elsewhere, is very vital and crucial.

This is the challenge. This is our mission, fellow Cabatuananons. Starting today, together, let us work for the realization of our mission.

The members of the administration are just passing players in the ongoing historical drama of our town. Leaders before us have done their share and ably responded to the challenges peculiar to their term. The younger generation, I am sure, will soon step up to center stage. We are happy to be part of history and we will not forget that first and foremost we are servants of the people and we are here to serve you and serve you well.

Thank you very much for your trust and confidence in me. ABANTE CABATUAN and God bless us all!


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