Church officially opens canonization inquiry on Mother Rosario Arroyo

October 7, 2009 - President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo joined in the liturgical celebration to open the canonization inquiry for Mother Rosario Arroyo de la Visitacion, the great grandaunt of the First Gentleman. Friends and relatives of the First Couple, plus hundreds of Ilonggo devotees, attended the official opening of the canonization process for Mo. Rosario Arroyo, foundress of the Dominican Sisters of the Most Holy Rosary (originally Beaterio de Molo). Archbishop Angel Lagdameo of Jaro officiated the mass while Rev. Father Samson Silloriquez, the Postulator, petitioned Archbishop Lagdameo to decree the initiation of the Diocesan Process for the Mo. Rosarios beatification and canonization. Saint Annes Parish, Molo, Iloilo 07 October 2009
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PIA 2009/10/07

Molo, Iloilo City (7 October) -- The Archdiocese of Jaro has officially started its inquiry on the canonization process of Beaterio de Molo's founder Mother Rosario Arroyo de la Visitacion, OP, with her relatives in attendance, led by Pres. Gloria Arroyo and First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo.

In a solemn liturgical ceremony, October 7, at St. Anne Parish Church in Molo, presided by Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, the formal opening of the inquiry started with a presentation of the Cause by the Postulator Rev. Fr. Samson Sillorequez, OAR, who gave a background on the life and works of Mother Rosario that merit the inquiry.

The Acceptance of the Holy See and the Church was read by Archdiocesan chancellor fr. Carlo Noquez, with the identification of the members of the Tribunal led by Msgr. Lagdameo, who each took their oath and committed themselves faithfully to the task.

Fr. Sillorequez then presented the names of the witnesses to the Tribunal, which was in turn accepted by the Tribunal head, together with all the other documents for safekeeping, through the Chancellor.

Msgr. Angel Lagdameo declared the process of canonization open with the pealing of church bells and big applause from the congregation.

In his homily, Msgr. Lagdameo asked the faithful to join the Dominican Sisters in their mission and pray that a holy one in the person of Mother Rosario will be added to the list of women-saints in Molo as well as the saints in heaven.

After thanking the First Couple and the faithful for their presence that added meaning to the occasion, Sr. Celestine Bancal, Superior General of the Dominicans in Molo, thanked her Sisters for their fidelity and asked them to follow the footsteps of Mother Rosario, her obedience, perseverance, her prophetic life, wherever they may be.

The celebration was attended by bishops in Panay and Eastern Visayas, more or less 60 priests from the Archdiocese representing the secular and religious orders, benefactors and students and faculty members of the Dominican Sisters' institutions.

After the Mass, Pres. Arroyo and FG Mike Arroyo and their entourage walked the more or less 150 meters distance to the Dominican Mother House, from St. Anne church, flocked by children, the faithful and the public who greeted them warmly and excitedly along the way.

The First Couple paid respects to the remains of Mother Rosario, in a tomb inside the Dominican Chapel, before flying back to Manila. (PIA6/ESS)

October 7, 2009 - President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and First Gentleman Atty. Jose Miguel Arroyo visit Wednesday (Oct. 7, 2009) the grave of Mother Rosario Arroyo de la Visitacion at the Dominican Sisters Motherhouse Chapel in Molo, Iloilo City. The First Couple are in iloilo City to attend the formal opening of the diocesan process leading to the canonization of the Servant of God. (Exequiel Supera/NIB-OPS Photo)

Preparations for Mother Rosario Arroyo's canonization process starts

October 7, 2009 - President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and First Gentleman Atty. Jose Miguel Arroyo offer flowers before the image of Mother Rosario Arroyo de la Visitacion during the formal opening of the diocesan process leading to the canonization of the Servant of God at St. Anne Parish Church in Molo, Iloilo City Wednesday (Oct. 7, 2009). (Exequiel Supera/NIB-OPS Photo)
PIA 2009/10/05

Iloilo City (5 October) -- The Mother Rosario Arroyo Commission which spearheads the formal opening of the process of the cause of her canonization has undertaken various preparations for the event.

Mother Gabrielle of the Dominican Sisters in Molo, the Congregation founded by Mother Rosario, said they have started the preparations for the formal opening with Dawn Rosary at 4:00 in the morning and a Holy Mass at 9:00 since September 28, 2009.

The masses held at the chapel of the Dominican Sister's Motherhouse were participated in by the different schools of the congregation, other institutions and religious organizations and devotees of the Blessed Virgin.

For the past four months, the Dominican Sisters have been holding recollections to study the life of their Foundress.

The Liturgical Celebration marking the formal Diocesan Process of the Cause of Canonization will be on October 7, at the St. Anne Church, Molo, Iloilo city, at 9:00 in the morning.

The Eucharistic celebration will be officiated by Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, 10 other bishops and about 50 priests, to be followed by private viewing and blessing of the remains of Mother Rosario at the Dominican Mother House.

The process is mandated by an Edict issued by Archbishopel Lagdameo, given on the 28th of July 2009, having approved and therefore, makes public the petition of Fr. Samson S. Sillorequez, OAR, after having done consultations and verified the existence of a true and widespread sanctity enjoyed by Mother Rosario Arroyo, in life and even after death.

The Members of the Tribunal for the process of canonization is headed by Most Rev. Angel Lagdameo, D.D. as Judge; with Very Rev. Higinio Velarde, VG,PA, as Judge Delegate; Rev. Fr. John de Castro, OSJ, Promoter of Justice; Rev. Fr. Carlo Noquez, Notary; Sr. Thaddeus Magtoles, OP, Actual Notary; Msgr. Jose Maria Amado Delgado, Rev. fr. Rey Zerrudo, Theological Commission; Rev. Fr. Alejandro Esperancilla, Sr. Visitacion Alecto, OP, Atty. Rex Salvilla, Historical Commission; and Rev. Fr. Samson Sillorequez, Postulator.

In his Edict, Msgr. Lagdameo also called on anyone who may have useful information regarding the Cause of Mother Rosario Arroyo, to bring such documents, materials or information to his attention.

It can be recalled that Mother Rosario Arroyo is the great, great grandmother of the First Gentleman, Jose Miguel Arroyo. (PIA 6/ESS)