Statement of Press Secretary Jesus Dureza
OPS 30 JUNE 2008

“Helping, Yes! Badmouthing, please no!”

Hence we welcome with positive note the initiative of former President Estrada in his sorties to Iloilo today and the next day to attend somehow to the plight of the typhoon victims.

Without much funfare, he is distributing assistance to the flood victims of Iloilo and its outlying areas.

At the same time, we appeal to those who tend to exploit the sufferings of our fellow Filipinos to desist from grandstanding and instead do more in helping rather than badmouthing during these trying times.

There will be complaints and demands for immediate assistance which must be attended to.

All hands on deck is the call of the day. President Arroyo not getting some rest will be in Iloilo tomorrow to personally supervise the government efforts.

We also pay tribute to the many faceless and unnamed who risked life and limb and those unsung heroes who are still there on the ground quietly doing their unheralded deeds.