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Cabatuan lies at the heart of the island of Panay. It is some 24 kilometers away northwest of Iloilo City. Located on the west central part of the province of Iloilo, it is bounded on the north by the town of Janiuay, on the east by Maasin, on the northwest by Sta. Barbara and New Lucena, and on the south by Alimodian and San Miguel. All the aforementioned towns with exception of Alimodian are directly connected with roads from Cabatuan.


The municipality of Cabatuan is composed of 68 barangays of which 11 are found in the poblacion (town proper) and 57 are in the rural areas. Cabatuan has a total land area of 11,653 has and has a climate under type II.


Land Area - 11,653 hectares

Land Use/Land Cover:

Agricultural - 10,164.6036 has.

Residential - 141.3295 has.

Commercial - 2.1787 has.

Industrial - 17.0337 has.

Institutional - 36.3484 has.

Others - 1,291.50865 has.

Land Parcels: 10,000


The terrain of the municipality varies from flat and almost flat or gradually inclined plains to slightly rolling hills. The highest elevation of 250 m. above sea level found at Pamul-ogan Hill in Barangay Pamul-ogan. The 25% or 2,913 has. land mass is flat land having a slope of 0-3%, 35% or 4,079 has. varies from gradually inclined plains with a 3-8% sloope, and the rest 40% or 4,661 has. land mass slightly rolling hills with slope between 8%-15% slope.

Soil Types

Sta. Rita Clay

Alimodian Clay Loam

Umingon Fine Sandy Loam

Alimodian Silt Loam

Natural Resources

Good source of sand and gravel. Spring water located at Brgy. Anuang, Brgy. Jelicuon Montinola and Sitio Tingib at Brgy. Gines Patag.

Major River: Tigum River

Major Creeks: Morobuan, Amerang, Guibuangan Tigbauan, Jelicuon Montinola, Sulanga and Inaladan


Population - 45,935

(9,019 households as of 2000)

(Male-22,899; Female-23,036)

Population Growth - 1.8%

Average Household Size - 5.22

Birth Rate - 16.8 %

Death Rate - 6.10 %

Infant Mortality  Rate - .40%

Dialect -  Kinaray-a

Dominant Religion - Roman Catholic

Cabatuan Municipal Hall


Ethnic/ Cultural Minority Groups - Aetas found at Brgy. Leong


Income Classification: 4th Class

Annual Income: PhP 31,553,639.74 (2000)

Major Source of Revenues:

Internal Revenue Allotment

Tax Revenue

Real Property Taxes

Taxes on Goods and Services

(business taxes and licenses, occupation tax)

Other taxes (community tax, sand and gravel, weight and measure)

Operating and Miscellaneous Revenue

Government Services

(certification/secretary's fees, building permit fees, registration of large cattle, marriage license fees, burial permit fees, police clearance fees, mayor's permit fees)

Government Business Operation

(receipt from cemetery, interest income, miscellaneous fees, land use/subdivision fees)

Receipt from market, slaughterhouse, rent-market stalls

Major Industries

Concrete Products

Metal Craft/Light Steel industries

Cottage Industries

Wood/Bamboo Furniture Making


Irrigated - 260 hectares

Rainfed - 4,762 hectares

Food Crops


Corn - 250 has.

Mongo - 200 has.

Peanut - 40 has.

Cotton - 113 has.

Tobacco - 125 has.

Upland Crops

Fruit Bearing Trees

Mango - 144 has.

Banana - 500 has.

Jackfruit - 25.82 has.

Sugarcane - 376 has.

Coconut - 60 has.

Coffee and Cacao - 150 has.

Root Crops - 40 has.

Vegetables - 70 has.

Commercial Crops

Cabatuan Public Market

Industrial Crops

700 hectares
Other Forests Trees/Fruits Trees

354.33 hectares

Pasture Area - 79 hectares
Fishpond (Freshwater)

0.85 hectares


Carabao, Cattle, Swine, Goat, Poultry, Chicken, Turkey, Geese, Ducks

No. of Farmers - 4,072

No. of Landowners - 6,882

 (October 2000)



Barangay Roads - 102.627 kms.

Municipal Roads - 5.848 kms.

National Roads - 31 kms.

Provincial Roads - 22.55 kms.


Tigbauan Bridge - 30 m. (national)

Tigum River - 5.848 kms (national)

Imelda Marcos Bridge - 180 m. (national)

Jelicuon Montinola Bridge - 30 m. (national)

Balic Bridge - 40 m. (national)

Ito Sur Bridge

Ito Norte Bridge

Calawagan Bridge

Post Office - Cabatuan Postal Office

Communication facilities

Radio, TV, Cable TV
Telegraph station
Telephone facilities


Cabatuan Rural Bank

Tabucan Bridge

Amerang Bridge

Medical Facilities


Cabatuan Rural Health Center

10 Barangay Health Stations located in different barangays
Ramon Tabiana Memorial District Hospital (50 beds, 76 personnel)

Ramon Tabiana Memorial Hospital

Cabatuan Rural Health Center

Private Clinics

Medical Clinic - 7

Dental Clinic - 3

Optical Clinic - 2

Pharmacies - 4

Schools - Public

High Schools

Cabatuan National Comprehensive High School

Tiring National High School
Mateo National High School
Acao National High School
Grio National High School


    8 Primary Schools
    29 Elementary Schools

Cabatuan National Comprehensive

High School administration building

Other landmarks in Cabatuan

Tomas Confesor Memorial Library

Cabatuan Central Elementary School

Fountain at the plaza with palms

and bushes in the plant boxes

Plaza landscape with the

Bonifacio monument in the background


Football ground

Senior Citizen Center

Multi-Purpose Center

ILECO I office

Post Office

Cabatuan Fire Station

Ramon Tabiana hospital chapel