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Fund-raising for parish convent launched

A CAMPAIGN to raise funds for the speedy completion of the Cabatuan parish convent and rectory was started recently so the project can be finished before the town’s parish priest, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Amadeo Escañan, H.P., is transferred to another parish by November.

The campaign was conceived by a group headed by Engr. Jose Maroma Jr. and has volunteered to manage a sustained information campaign and provide progress reports, financial updates, remittance instructions and other useful information.

Already, the Parish Pastoral Council, the Parish Finance Council and the Parish Apostolic Council have jointly sent letters to Cabatuananons here and abroad informing them of the campaign.

The letter noted that by November, Monsignor Escañan “will leave and beautiful legacy of dedicated service during 16 years of inspired pastoral leadership” and the “time had come for him to move on and share with another community his abundant gifts of dynamic vision, charisma and missionary zeal.”

The letter added that the timely completion of the parish convent and rectory “would be a memorable send-off gift for a well-loved spiritual leader.”

Monsignor Escañan is credited for various successful projects involving church reconstruction, Christian education, youth development and spiritual enhancement.

Budgeted at P11 million, the parish convent and rectory project is now 60 percent finished with a cost-to-complete estimate of P5 million including P900,000 in payables to credits.

Those who wish to donate can remit their contributions to the Philippine National Bank, De Leon branch in Iloilo City, for credit to:


US Dollar A/C # 439-700426-6

Phil. Peso A/C # 439-509164-1

“We appeal to all Cabatuananons to rally behind a vigorous fund-raising drive to finish our convent. To those who have previously contributed, we appeal that you give some more,” the letter read.

“To those who may have wanted but missed earlier opportunities to give, we say please give now and give generously. And finally to those in distant place who may never have been previously informed we invite you to join us in a worthy cause,” it added.

The letter was signed by Victor Maroma, president of the Parish Pastoral Council; Dr. Restituta Kilayko, chairperson of the Parish Finance Council; and Elsie Mota, chairperson of the Parish Apostolic Council.

NOTE: Architectural plans and pictures on the construction work of  parish convent and rectory will soon be posted in this website.

Click here to read campaign letter on the convent project