Cabatuan National Comprehensive High School, Cabatuan, Iloilo, April 2011

Cabatuan, Iloilo (April 7, 2011) - Gladys Padilla De Los Reyes, the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ferdinand M. De Los Reyes, graduated from Cabatuan National Comprehensive High School as the Salutatorian of Class 2011 (Regular Class). The Recognition and Commencement Programs were held on April 5 and April 7, 2011, respectively.

Gladys was also the recipient of the Raymundo Caspe Casalmir Award for Academic Excellence, composed of a gold medal with CNCHS logo, a certificate of award and a cash award, presented during the Recognition Day Program at CNCHS on April 5, 2011.

by Gladys De Los Reyes:

To our distinguished guests: Dr. Maria Fe Machado Palacios, our commencement speaker; Ms. Hermosisima Altillero, Education Supervisor I and Authorized Representative of the School's Division Superintendent; Mr. Ruben S. Libutaque, our OIC-Principal of the school; the Golden Jubilarians, our beloved teachers, dear parents and family members, friends, classmates, fellow graduates of Batch 2011, a pleasant morning to all of you.

Looking back four years ago, when we first stepped into the threshold of our school, our beloved Alma Mater, the Cabatuan National Comprehensive High School, all of us were so excited to experience high school life, to win new friends, to have fun and to gain new knowledge and wisdom from our teachers.

For me, it was not easy as a transferee from our home in Cavite to this beloved hometown of my mother. Speaking and communicating in Ilonggo with my teachers and new classmates were both exciting and challenging. But with everyone's help, understanding and support I was able to learn fast and adapt to my new environment. I said to myself this is my new home and I belong here. Ginahigugma ko ang banwa sang Cabatuan. Ginahigugma ko ang Cabatuan National Comprehensive High School.

Now on our graduation day, we graduates feel both sad and happy. Sad because we'll be separated from our dear friends and teachers whom we have learned to love due to four years of association. But we'll all meet again, again and again; this is a reality we have to face. Happy because we made our parents proud. We made our teachers and the people who love and supported us proud. This moment, this day in our life is very special, this is the beginning of new trials, the next chapter in our book of life. Our past mission is accomplished.

My father shared with me some wisdom and I would like to share it with you. He said to me and my sister, if you want to be successful in life you should have the 3D + 1P. What is 3D + 1P father? , we asked him. 3D means Desire, Discipline and Dedication.

Desire means to wish or long for. We should have a wish; we should have something to long for in our life. An ambition. A goal. A dream.

Discipline means self-control. Recognizing our limits. Avoiding bad habits but practicing good and acceptable behaviour to the society for our common good.

Dedication is divine. It's our Focus. It's devoting ourselves to what we want, to what we are doing, to what we intended to do. It's allegiance and commitment to our tasks.

4th year: Class Salutatorian (Batch 2011- Regular Class)
Award - 'Epitome of Reticence'
2nd Honors (Regular Class)
Raymundo Caspe Casalmir Award for
   Academic Excellence

Participant - Regional Cluster Training in Journalism
   held in Pototan, Iloilo
3rd year: 5th Honors ( Regular Class)
Homeroom Officer- Vice President
2nd year: 3rd Honors (Regular Class)
Homeroom Officer- Treasurer
1st year: 2nd Honors (Regular Class)
Homeroom Officer- Asst. Business Mgr.
The last is the 1P and it's the most important of all. P stands for Prayer. Living life without the guidance of is not worthy. Seek and thank God everyday and every time. During these times of modern technology and materialism, we should not forget to make our spirits grow more than our material needs.

Lastly, let me tell you a short story. Maybe some of you heard it before, but it's worth telling again because of its timely message.
There was a wise man living in a small hut. One day, there were two young boys who wanted to outsmart the wise man. The two boys agreed, let's test this wise man. One of the two boys said, "Wise man, tell me if the bird in my hand is dead or alive". The wise man answered, "My boy, if I say that the bird is alive, you will simply press the bird to death. If I say that the bird is dead, you will simply open your hand and the bird will fly. The answer to your question, my boy, lies in your hand".

So dear friends, classmates and fellow graduates, the future is bright for all of us, but it all lies in our hands.

Let us internalize and practice always the noble teachings of our parents and teachers. Let the knowledge and wisdom we learned for the last four years help us to Live our Life and Realize our Dreams.

MARAMING-MARAMING SALAMAT po! Congratulations, Batch 2011.