Ang baston nga ini ginapatihan nga ana pa ni Bido kang cabeza de barangay tana. He gave it to his son Juan "Laduc" Caspe. And was handed down to Laduc's son and great grandson, in the persons of Clemente "Enteng Bahag" Caspe and Estefano V. Caspe.

The title cabeza de barangay signify a privilege class. They were datus when the Spaniards came. And the King of Spain made them Cabezas de Barangay to continue their leadership and head the basic unit of the government under the king. As symbols of authority, power, and leadership, the cabeza de barangay wear the "salakot" hat, a top shirt like "malabog nga barong", and a baston.

Engraved on the silver plate are the names of Alonso, the christian name of Haloy, Sabidorio "Bido" Caspe, Juan "Laduc" Caspe, Isabel Caspe the sister of Clemente, Luis Caspe, and Estefano V. Caspe.

Above Photos & Descriptions courtesy of Leo Confesor Caspe

Below Photos courtesy of Dr. Marian Confesor Celis