September '98 when Mia was crowned Little Miss Phil-Canada. The contest was to raise money for the proposed bldg. of the Phil-Canadian. Among the ten contestants bet. the ages of 5-10, she got the title and also was crowned Little Miss Photogenic, Friendship, Talent and Gown. She garnered all the titles. Daw ka unfair man bala mo kay wa-ay guid ang iban. For her talent, she sung the song of Celine Dion, nga Titanic...I was even so scared kay she just practiced the song on her own for 2 weeks. Daw bag-o lang na released ang song nga ato. What scared me most kay the hotel where the coronation was held was packed and since she never performed in a big crowed, I asked her before she sung how confident she is and she might forget the lyrics...She answered, I am ok Mom(tho' she took up voice lessons). I was just so nervous even all her Ninangs and her Lola Anit asked her same question.

Almost all the crowd was teary while Mia was singing because she was just so good and even the high pitched part of the song...she was just awesome. I wish I could revive the video kay kadugay na guid sadto. indi pa high tech that time eh! After the song, it was a standing ovation and she came right straight to me and said...I told you All of us in our table cannot stop crying. You heard that song eh? It gave us goosebumps.

For the talent, all the contestants were asked...If you are to chose among the contestants, whom do you want to play with...all 9 girls picked Mia. Well, Mia was/is really a good girl. even until now....hehehe.

She is just not into the singing. She will just sing if she is asked by family member. She will never do it as a profession.