Talent's Day, LaCuesta Learning Center, May 21, 2011

Iloilo City (May 21, 2011) - Luzzeneri Largo, a recent graduate of Cabatuan Central Elementary School, won the championship in the English Declamation category during the Talent's Day competition held by the LaCuesta Learning Center on May 21, 2011 at Sarabia Manor Hotel. She placed first among 15 contestants.

By Luzzeneri Largo

Pak! Yes Homerun
Congratulations! Luz you are a scholar now.
Really Sir? Did I-Did I-
Pass the try out for athletes? Of course. You are now a member of our school’s softball team. As your coach, im asking you to be dedicated player to show to one and all that Ilonga athlete can be good models in terms of sportsmanship.
Wee we- this is the most wonderful day. Thank you lord for this beautiful gift.
Wait until mama and papa hears of this.
I half ran on my way home. I had hardly reached our gate when-
“Mama-aa-Papa-aa- Im a scholar now”. I shouted with all might but there was no answer. I hurried up the steps and opened the door. There was no resistance. It was not locked.
Then I saw mama and papa. Mama was crying and papa was looking very serious. Something must be wrong-very, very-wrong. I went to mama and touched her.
You’re crying mama. Why? What’s wrong?. I looked at papa’s anguished face.
Then I saw something- it looked like a letter. I pick it up. The sender’s address outside was that of a hospital in Saudi Arabia. Who could be the sender?
Call it telepathy- Call it ESP or whatever you like but that letter incited fear and anxiety within me-mixed emotions which I couldn’t describe. Picking it up, I read it.

I want my daughter back. She’s mine. Any blood test will prove that. Whatever expenses you have incurred, I will pay everything. Thank you for what you done. I’ll be home and I’ll see you on Monday.
Monday? That means today. We did not have time to talk about the letter because------
I opened the door to a woman dignified and who walked with confidence towards the table were Mama and Papa were.
(Mama) Mercidita!
Yes It’s me. I have just arrived and I came here immediately to talk to you regarding to the letter I sent you. Here, I brought you a bracelet. That’s pure gold.
I don’t need any bracelet. I’m not interested.
Eh-----eh----Elisa, is this ----is this----
Luz? Yes. She’s in 1st year already.
(Luz) Mama, I am now a member of our school’s softball team, meaning I am a scholar now.
The strange woman ran to me and embraced me tightly.
How wonderful?. Uh---um---um----oh, Luz? I-----I---- love you…..huhuhuhu-----
I stepped back.
Who are you? I don’t know you.
I am your mother; Luz…… Elisa only took care of you.
No---no---! Stay away from me. I ran to mama and hugged her tightly, saying between sobs. This is my mother. Why do you come to disturb us?
Ask Elisa, the woman you call mama she’ll tell you the truth. Is this true mama? Yes, luz. It’s true you are her child but she didn’t want you then. She’s a nurse and she wanted to go abroad so she left you with me. That’s all. After leaving for Saudi Arabia, she did not communicate with me until this letter came.
Mama turned to her.
Mercidita; you will not find it easy. I’ll never give up Luz, without a fight.
You won’t? let us see. We’ll settle this in court. Just wait.
She turned to go when my feelings got unruly. I couldn’t control them anymore.
Do all you can? You will never have me. You have never been a mother to me. Where were you when I was sicked and needed a mother’s care? Where were you when I was cold and I need your arms to keep me warm?. Where were you, when I first learned to walk and needed someone to guide me?. You were in Saudi Arabia busy raking in money with no thoughts of only daughter. It was mama the only mother I know who gave me love and care and guided me thru the years. Go to court so that people will know how you rejected me. You are my biological mother but--- I can never love you. Never—I love my own mama Elisa.
Stunned, she looked at me---then turned away to leave. Before she reached the door, she stretched out her arms to me.
Luz? Her face was pained and lips were quivering. I went to her and kissed her but both of us knew that it was the first and the last one.
I’m going to hurdle the next; my dream of being a popular athlete in the sports. I like best---my dream of influencing my classmates to do the same so that there would be no more truancy: no vices. Hurrah for sports.