by Sheena Talamor Mainar, Salutatorian, Special Science Class, CNCHS
Commencement Program, April 7, 2011, Cabatuan National Comprehensive High School

One cardinal value needed to make this world a better place to live in is the value of justice. Indeed "Justice should be given to whom justice is due."

Today, we graduates belonging to Special Science Class are jubilant because we are now reaping the fruits of our hardships and sacrifices in our quest for secondary education. As we rejoice in the midst of our victory, we have to give due honor and recognition to the people behind our success today.

As the Class Salutatorian of the Special Science Class, I have to salute all those who make our graduation today a reality. First and foremost, we salute our beloved Alma Mater, the Cabatuan National Comprehensive High School for nurturing us in her fold for the past four years. Thank you very much, CNCHS, for giving us quality secondary education that will be our potent weapon in facing the challenges and demands of our future educational endeavors. Tomorrow, we will leave your portals but we have to go to continue our quest or education. We will return to your fold in the years to come and crown you with laurels through the achievements we will make in our chosen profession.

We also salute the administration, the faculty and staff of this prestigious institution for working together to make us what we are now and what we will be in the future. Thank you very much, Sir Ruben Libutaque, our OIC Principal, for your administrative competence and paternal disposition that made us hold you in high esteem despite the relatively short period of time that you have been administering our school.

We also express our thanks and appreciation to all our teachers from first year to fourth year. Thank you very much, Maams and Sirs for your collective painstaking efforts in equipping us with basic knowledge and skills that have prepared us to pursue college education. Thank you very much, members of the staff, for making together with the faculty of our school in promoting quality education in our school.

We graduates also salute our Municipal Government headed by Mayor Robert Maroma and Vice Mayor Louvenn Leyso. Thank you very much, Municipal Government Officials for the assistance you have given us when we represent CNCHS and our town in various contests of different levels. Your assistance inspired us to bring the bacon home and place CNCHS in the limelight.

Salutation is also due our Parent-Teacher Association headed by Dr. Gregorio Perez. Thank you very much, PTA Officers for making the Association an indispensable partner of our school administration in effecting improvement in the facilities of our school and its quality of instruction. Thank you for the financial assistance you extended to the students of our school during their participation in various contests held outside the town.

We graduates will be ungrateful if we do not publicly salute the real heroes behind our success today - our dearest parents. Thank you very much our dearest parents for your parental love, care and guidance that facilitated our acquisition of secondary education. In this connection, I'll take this opportunity to offer my academic awards to my Nanay and Tatay whose always been there for me all these years. As we thank you, we appeal to you, our dearest parents, to give us the chance to acquire college education. With the opportunity, we will try our best not to fail you.

Above all, we graduates salute our Heavenly Father for His divine help and guidance He has given us. Thank you very much Lord, for this gift of graduation. Please continue guiding us as we walk along the path of life until we have attained the realization of our dream in life and shall have found our rightful place under the sun.

In closing, as the Class Salutatorian of the Special Science Class, I am reiterating the salutation, thanks and appreciation of the Special Science Class graduates to those who in one way or another have a part in our success today. To you all we say - thank you very much.

Cabatuan National Comprehensive High School
4th year: Salutatorian (Special Science Class)
Most Promising Alumna
Outstanding SSG Officer
Outstanding YES-O Officer
Best in Science
CAT Leadership Awardee
Raymundo Casalmir Academic Excellence Awardee
3rd year: 3rd Honors (Special Science Class)
Outstanding SSG Officer
2nd year: 4th Honors (Special Science Class)
1st year: 3rd Honors (Special Science Class)
Best in Science
Cabatuan Parochial School
Grade VI: Valedictorian
Lyrist of the Year
Loyalty Award
Girl Scout of the Year
Best in Religion
Best in Computer
Choir Member
Grade V: 1st Honors
Grade IV: 1st Honors
Grade III: 3rd Honors
Grade II: 1st Honors
Grade I: 2nd Honors