0 llglff-~ 2000 if GRADUATION 155UE 40 March 1995 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE CABATUAN NATIONAL COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL CABATUAN, ILOILO MEMBER NATIONAL SECONDARY SCHOOL PAPER ASSOCIATION CNCHS Keeping up with the tradition,alf academic excellence Our beloved school, the Cabatuan National Comprehensive High School, has a relatively good tradition of academic excellence. The quality of graduates that the school annually turns out, the innumerable successful alumni now working abroad and in all parts of the country, the litany of academic honors the school annually reaps through its students are mute yet eloquent testimonies to this fact This school year, the school turns our 638 youthful graduates. Undoubtedly on the shoulders of the graduates is reposed the moral responsibility of upholding or even improving the school's tradition of academic excellence. How can we, graduates, meet this gargantuan responsibility? The answer is the three P's - namely PRAYERS, PERSEVERANCE, and PERSPIRATION. In our search for success in life, we should always pray to God. Let us couple our strong determination to succeed with our living faith in Him whom guides the destinies of men and nations. Without Him, we will never have total and real success. A review of the experiences of our elder brothers and sisters who graduated from this school ahead of us reveals an inspiring fact that they have attained academic excellence through their persevering efforst They accepted problems and frustration in life as trials for them. They tried to overcome all these because what was foremost in their minds was to excel over others, hence they persevered till they attained a certain degree of excellence in their chosen profession. Finally, our predecessors sweated it out all through those years as they worked their way through success. They always bore in mind that "Success is 99% perspiration and only 1% inspiration". With this as their formula for success, they are now savoring the sweetness of success. and are enjoying excellence in their profession. Fellow graduates, let us always PRAY, PERSEVERE, and PERSPIRE to attain success in life and to keep up the tradition of academic excellence of our Alma Mater. HONOR ROLL b (The ranking was based on academic and co-curricular activities) FIRST YEAR Rute, Cherry Marie Niniano, Niro Aborde, Jorge Janapon, Allan Miravite, Zosimo Jr. Malaga, Arniel Overio, Sheryl Pueyo, Iren Bettina Llanora Fritz Miravite, Stephen Pelonia, Arniel Resano, Alain Brunia, Mary Debra Casiple, Ma. Rhoda Flores, Helernest SECOND YEAR Tolentino, Noel Jr. Portillo, Beulah Gil, Kenneth Demetrius Caballero, Juvi Sta. Rufina, Mary Can Madarico, Allan Velarde, Rieza Beba, Sophia Sotelo, Michelle Acaba, Aldrin Redome, Marnilli Panadero, Rowena Montana, Josie Gallana, Ariel Celendro, Maricor 7711RI) 1"E'AR Coo, Junalyn Montoya, Romeo Jr. Halili, Ryan Arcao, Marian Psyche Laguna, Carol Pueyo, Ma. Romy Alexis Sarate, Joy Cipres, Flordeluna Rando, Reynier Julian Calero, Stella Marie Lim, Nina Roxanne Malaga, Rommel Boteja, Annabelle Asencio, Teddy Mota, Rozana Licera, Guiller Elie (blow &-i7taff RAYMUND BOLAROS - JOHN ANGELO TACUBAN Editors-in-Chief ALLAN AHUMADA Associate Editor RYAN M. HALILI Managing Ediitor OTHER STAFFERS MARRU REYES, FEBE ROLOAN, ANGIE GARRIDO, CHRISTY MIGUEL, RHEA VELARDE, DANNY DAJAY, EDUARD SEAN REGONDON, ROMEO MONTOYA, JR., JUNALYN COO, FLORDELUNA CIPRES. VICTOR S. MAR014A EPPIE M. TALAMOR Adviser Adviser MRS. NENITA G. PUEYO Head, English Department MISS LILIIA G. FANCUBELA Voc. School Administrator I lfbitorial J11oub PIO R. LUJAN President, CNCHS PTA RAYMUND BOLAROS - JOHN ANGELO TACUBAN Editors-,;I) -Chief MARCH 1995 The GLOW 1 1 51st Commencement Exercises Muyuela to address 638 graduates Mr. Aniceto P. Muyuela, registrar of De Paul College in Jaro, Iloilo City will address the 638 graduates of the school during its 51st Commencement Exer­cises on March 25, at the community stage. The 65-year old commencement speaker is the eldest of the seven children of the late Jose B. Muyuela and the former Asuncion Pedrola. He is an alumnus of the school, having graduated from then Cabatuan High School in 1950 as class valedictorian. He finished his elementaryeducation at Cabatuan Elementary School in 1946 as class salutatorian. After high school, lie pursued the de­gree of Bachelor of Science in Education in then Lopez Jaena Memorial College, now De Paul College. After finishing the degree, he was absorbed by the College as an instructor from 1953 up to 1957. He was named registrar of De Paul Col­lege, which position he held from 1957 to the present. Mr. Muyuela had also finished the Bachelor of Laws degree at the defunct ANICETO P. MUYUELA Bola nos, Velarde lead Class '95 Raymund Bolaflos and Rhea Velarde will lead Class '95 during the 51st Commence­ment Exercises of the school oil March 25, starting at 7:30 a.m. at the community stage. Bolaflos is the class valedictorian while Velarde is (lie class Salutatorian. Raymund is the eldest of the four chil­dren of Carmelo Bolaflos and the former Angeles Borcillo. Rhea is the second of the six children of Rex Velarde Sr. and the former Elena Dominguez. Her father is the head teacher of Apia Elementary School while her mother is a Master Teacher I in DECS District of Cabatuan 11. A total of 638 graduates composing the 13 sections of (lie fourth year class will re­ceive their diplomas from Mr. Rey Veneer, Educational Supervisor• 11, who will repre­sent Dr. Servillano de la Cruz, regional di­rector of the Department of Education. Cul­ture and Sports. Other honor graduates of the school in­clude John Angelo Tacuban, 1st honorable mention-, Allan Ahumada, 2nd honorable RHEA D. VILARDE mention-, Adonis Marcelo Laguna, 3rd honorable mention; Rudantc Comodcro, 4th honorable mention; Danny Dajay, 5th honorable mention. Wilkes Baldeviso, 6th honorable mention; Jay Alere. 7th honorable mention; Angie Garrido, 8th honorable mention; Eirin Forro, 9th honorable mention, Febe Roldan and Adonis April Janapon, 10th honorable men­tions. The school's 51st Commencement Exer­cises will be preceded by a baccalaureate Mass at 6:15 a.m. at the Roman Catholic church. The Mass will be officiated by Fr. Amadco Escaflan, (lie parish priest. During the program, a number of awards will be given to outstanding graduates. For the first time, the golden jubilarians of the school, members of Class '45, Null be honored. They will re-enact their gradua­tion 50 years ago. The theme of the commencement program this year is : Quality Education Towards Phil­ippines 2000. Visayan Central Colleges. The brainy commencement speaker had held various positions of leadership in civic, educational, and religious organi­zations. He had been a municipal councilor of Cabatuan. He was elected president of the Association of Registrars andSecondary School Principals of West­ern Visavas. A devout catholic and practical Christian, he had been the recording sec­retary and trustee of the Knights of Columbus of Ave Maria Council. At present, lie is a lay eucharistic minister in Jarc, Cathedral, Jaro, Iloilo City. He is also a chapter head of the Couples for Christ Movement. Due to his managerial acumen, he was elected member of the Board of Directors of Dc Paul College Credit Cooperative and Dc Paul College Parent-Teacher As­sociation Citoy, as lie is fondly called, is mar­ried to the former Rosario Alojado of Culasi, Antique. His wife is also an em­ployee of De Paul College. The couple has nine children who are all profession­als. The eldest child, Rosanie who is a chemical engineer, had been a scholar of the University of San Agustin. At present, she is employed by the Japanese Monibusho (DECS in the Philippines) in Kobe, Japan. Among the couple's children, two are registered nurses, one civil engineer and the rest are college degree holders: RAYMUND B. BOLANOS I The GLOW MARCH 1995 DECS issues guidelines on graduation rites The Department of Education Culture and Sports (DECS) recently issued to all schools in the country some guidelines on the conduct of graduation program. Among other things, the guide­lines encourage schools to observe simplicity, frugality, and solemnity in the conduct of the graduation pro­gram. Graduation ceremonies should not be in expensive venues like ho­tels or resorts. Entertainment or intermission numbers such as songs, dances, reci­tations should not be include (]in the ceremonies. The occasion should tv solemn, simple and reasonably short Taking of pictures and offering of garlands, leis and corsages to graduates by friends and realities Should be done after (fie ceremonies. Only one or two authorized photog­raphers may take pictures %%hile the ceremony is going on so as not it-, disturb the conduct of the program. The common theme of all gradu­ation programs is: Qualit\ Educa­tion for Philippines 2000. These guidelines are contained in DECS Regional Order No. 6, se­ries of 1995, dated March 3. 199,s OTHER HONOR GRADUATES JOHN ANGELO TACUBAN ALLAN AHUMADA Ist 110n. Mention 2nt1 11on. Mention, ADONIS MARCELO LAGUNA RUDANTE COMODERO DANNY WAY Ad Hon. Mention 4th Hon. Mention 5th Hon. kiention WILKEN BALDEVISO JAY ALERE ANGIE GARRIDO 6th Hon. Mention 7M Hon. Mention 8th 11on, Mention EIRIN FORRO FEBE ROLDAN ADONIS APRIL JANAPON 9th Ron. Mention 101/1 11on. Mention 12th 11on. Mention Recognition Day Program slated March 24 The school will hold its Annual Recognition Day Program on March 24, starting at 7:30 a.m. at the coin­munity stage. The program will be opened by a processional march of all the honorees, together with their par­ents. Mr. Eduardo Ccrna, superintend­ent of quality assurance department of Dole Philippines, Inc. based in Polomolok, South Cotabato will be the inspirational speaker. He is an alumnus of the school. belonging to Class '60. To be recognized and honored during the program will be students born first year to fourth year, who made outstanding performance in different fields of educational endeavors during the school year 1994-1995. Among the honorees N011 be the top 25 graduating students who corn-pose the Cream of the Crop '95 for their academic excellence Also to be honored will be the top ten stu­dents in the first, second, and third years because of their academic ex­cellence. MARCH 1995 The GLOW Cerna to inspire honorees Eduardo N. Cerna, the superintendent of the quality assurance department of DOLE Philippines, Inc. based in Polomolok, South Cotabato will deliver the inspirational mes­sage during the Recognition Day Program of the school on march 24 at the community stage. A chemical engineering gratitude, the in­spirational speaker is an alumnus of the school, having graduated from then Cabatuan High school in 1960. He finished his el­ementary education at Cabatuan Central El­ementary School in 1953. For his college education, lie obtained his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineer­ing at the University of San Agustin in 1965. Ile pursued post graduate studies on Master of Science in Chemistry in Adamson Uni­versity 1972. Gifted with innate intelligence, Engr. Cerna had been a scholar during his student dais. While in high school, lie enjoyed the Pres. Ramon Magsaysay scholarship from 1955-1957. During his college days, he was a scholar of the late Gov. Jose-.C. Zulueta from 1960-1964. He pursued his masteral degree under a scholarship jointly sponsored by Ford Foundation, NDEA and FAPE. His work experiences in the field of edu­cation started with his appointed as instruc? The Cabatuan National Comprehensive High School will hold its Fifth General Alumni Home­coming oil April 14-16. The occasion will mark the Golden Jubilee of the school. According to Mr. Victor S. Maroma, presi­dent of CNCHS Alumni Association, the follow­ing will be the schedule of activities: On April 14 (Good Friday), the registration of alumni will start from 9;00 - 11:00 a.m. the first canvassing of the Search for Alumni Muse '95 will be held at 10:00 a. ill. The registration will continue the whole day on April 15 (Holy Saturday). At 2:00 p.m. there will be an election of officers of the Association. The meeting of the newly elected officers will immediately follow, at 4:00 p.m. the second can­vassing of the Search for Alumni Muse '95 will be held. The main activities of the Homecoming will be held on April 16 (Easter Sunday). At 7:00 a.m. there will be a parade around the poblacion. It will start from CNCHS and will pass around the major streets in the poblacion. A I'litinksgiv_ ing Mass will be officiated by Fr. Amadco Escailan, the parish priest, at the Roman Catho­lic Church after the parade. The alumni will then proceed to their Alma Mater for their class so­cials which will last up to 6:00 p.m.tor of Mathemat­ics and Chemistry in Notre Dame of Marbcl College. Later lie was pro­moted head of pre-Engineering and mathematics department- of the conic College. In recognition of his intelligence and administrative competence, he was designated deputy director of the Re­gional science Training Center for Western Mindanao, based in Notre Dame of Marbel College. Seeking greener pastures, he sought em­ployment in DOLE Philippines, Inc. He was first employed as supervisor of the quality assurance department of the pineapple can­ning factory. Later he was promoted fore­man of the same department. From 1989 to the present, he has been the superintendent of the quality assurance department of DOLE Philippines, Inc. His special training and assignments abroad include his visits to the different branches of DOLE in Japan, Hawaii, U.S.A., and People's Republic of China. The highlight of the Homecoming will be a Homecoming Ball and the coronation of Alumni Muse '95. The Ball to be held in the town plaza will start at 7:00 p.m. at 8:00 p.m. the last can- vassing of the search for Alumni Muse '95 will be held. During the coronation program, the newly inducted olliciers of the Association will be held. As agreed by the officers of the Association and the class coordination, two-thirds (2/3) of the net proceeds of the I loniccorning will be used to continue the fencing project of the Associa­tion. The remaining one-third (1/3) of the net proceeds will accrue to the college of scholarship program of the Association. Aside from Maroma, other officers of the CNCHS Alumni Association are Nonito Baldeviso, Ist nice president; Pic, R. Liyan, 2nd vice. president; Felipe Casianan Jr., vice presi­dent for internal affairs: Rogetio Murga, vice president for external officers; Nenita G. Pueyo, secretary; Estefania Sanipiano, auditor; Leo S. Padilla, assistant auditor. Laurencio 11nalde, business manager, Mario Gil, assistant business manager-, Diosdado Cadena Jr., press relations officer; Alma G. Pucyo, as­sistant press relations officer. The directors are Jose B. Maroma Jr., Robert B. Maronia, Alexan­der Escucha, and Martin L. dc la Rosa, Jr. PTA to honor parents of honor graduates The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of the school will honor the parents of honor graduates during the commencement pro­gram on March 25. Certificates of Appreciation will be awarded to parents of honor graduates by the officers of the PTA Board of Directors headed by Mr. Pio Lujan. president mid chairman of the Board. The recipients of the award will be headed by Mr. and Mrs. Carmelo Bolailos (nee An­geles Borcillo) whose son Raymund will graduate valedictorian, and Mr. and Nlr~ Rex Velarde Jr. (nee Elena Dominguez) whose daughter Rhea will graduate salutatorian. Other recipients of tile arcand %%ill be Mr arid Mrs. Billy Joel Tacuba'n (nee AngcliLa Villasana) whose son John Angelo is first honorable mention: Mr. and Mrs. Rudyard Aliumida (nee Lilia Casianan) whose son Allan is second honorable mention SN)l and Mrs. Reynaldo Laguna (nee I upon,, Leysa) whose son Marcelo Adonis is third honorable mention. Mr. and Mrs. Wcnceslao Comodero (nee Pacita Caribaflo) whose son Rudant~ t, fourth honorable mention, Mr and Mt, Friberto Dajay Sr. (nee Hernia Colonic) whose son Danny is fifth honorable men­tion- Mr. and Mrs. Bcncdicto Baldcvico (nee Edna Parrcilo) whose son Wilken is sixth honorable mention. Mr. and Mrs. Jayne Alerc (nee Teofila Alvariflo) whose son Jay is seventh honorable mention: Mr. and Mrs. Fusco Garrido (nee Letecia Novillas) whose daughter Angie is eighth honorable mention-, Mr. and• Mrs. Wilfredo Forro (nee Hellodora Mai Ila) whose daughter Eirin is ninth honorable mention Mrs. Antonia Continents Roldan daughter Febe is tenth honorable nicimon and Mr. and Mrs. Alberto Janapon (nee Gloria Zamora) whose son April Adonis is also tenth honorable mention. The awarding of Certificates of Appre­ciation to parents of honor graduates has been an on-going program of the CNCHS PTA. It -ai nis not only to give due honor and recognition to parents whose children will graduate with flying colors but also to in­spire other parents to help their children achieve academic excellence. The giving of (To page 14.) EDUARDO N. CERNA General Alumni Homecoming set April 16 The GLOW MARCH1995 a February Affair'95 CNCHsians win honors English Department marks Flearts'Day in regional contests The world-famous DAGYAW Theater and Dance Co of 11odo National High School performed to the audence's delight dung the February Affair of the English Department, held on February 9. The English department of the school ob­semed Valentine's Day with a series of aca­demic contests and the staging of a cultural prewrilation. The contests served as the cul­minating activities of the department for the school year 1994-1995. In the morning of February 8, contest in c%c4% writing, scrabble, squabble. and bog­gle %%ere held. A program was held at the community stake on I-ebruary 9, starting at 1:30 p.m. During the program, the officers of the Eng­lish Club were introduced to the public and they presented a special number. Contests in ~Ix:lling and vocabulary were staged. The creative dancer,; of the school, who were ad­judged the champion during Cong. Tirador's Cultural Contests. reinterpreted their win­ning entry. Also. the "sayawit" performer the school,i%lio won *first place during the Third Congressional District Schools Sports Association literary-musical contests, made a repeat performance. In between the numbers of the program, raffles were held. Prices were given to the winners Fourth year students dominated the con- tests sponsored by the English department of the school. in cooperation with the offic- ers of the English Club. Febe Roldan. IV-A, bested all other contestants in essay-writing contest. Christy Miguel, IV-A, defended her crown in scrabble contest which she also won last vear. Jane Adclantar, IV-A, lorded it over in boggle contest. Gregorio Scnupc. 11-1, showed his superiority in squabble con­test. John Angelo Tacuban, IV-A, clinched the gold medal in spelling contest. The tandem of Niro Niniano and Arniel Malaga, both of I-A, excelled their rivals in vocabulary con­test. All the winners in various contests were awarded medals, solicited by the English de­partment. The highlight of Fcbrtmi)- Affair '95 was the performance of DAGYAW Theater and Dance Company of Iloilo National High School, headed by Mrs. Riza S. Aniaguin, the school principal. The internationally ac­claimed cultural group presented ethnic Fili­pino dances. It also interpreted. to the de­light of the audience, various songs with choreography. The DAGYAW Theater and Dance Com­pany had performed in Japan and several European countries, aside from its perform­ances in various parts of the country. Its foreign performances have earned for the group and for (lie Philippines countless praises. Mr. Edwin Duero acts as the artistic direction of the cultural group. The English Department of the school is headed by Mrs. Nenita G. Pueyo. Other Eng­lish teachers of the school are Miss Ninfa Dio, Mrs. Santiaga Mae Maquilado, Miss Josefina Suniagivsay, Mis Marilou Lorca, Miss Ma. Aletha Hobilla, Nis. Rosario Hualdc, Mrs. Ofclia Tobias, Mrs. Ofelia Adclantar, Mrs. Eppic Talanior, Miss Consuclo Piccio, Miss Belen Huyo, Mr. Vic­tor Maronia and Mrs.Helen R. Gador. The officers of the English Club are Rhea Velarde, president; Junalyn Coo, vice presi­dent-. Romeo Montoya Jr.. secretary; Allan Ahuninda, assistant secretary-, Jane (1bpage 14) Ten students of the school showed their superiority in literary and skills contests dur­ing the Regional Work Conference on tile-Future Farmers of the Philippines (FFP) and the Future Agricultural Homemakers of the Philippine (FAHP). The Regional conference was held at Northern Antique Vocational School in Culasi. Antique on February 8- 10. During the three-day of conference, seven students of the school won honors in FFP­related contests. Ronnie Paris was adjudged first placer in woodcarving contests. Francis Allan Angelo Jr. bested all other contestants in extemporaneous speaking contest. He also captured the sixth place in fertilizer compu­tation contest. Reynier Julian Rando came out second in caponizing chicken contest. Jay Akre ranked fourth in seeds identification contest. Hc also placed seventh in asexual plant propagation contest. Ryan Halili came out fourth in iden­tification of plant pests and diseases contest, and eighth place in animal prospectus mak­ing contest. John Angelo Tacuban emerged second placer in identification of weeds con­test. Oil (lie FAHP side, three students of the school made it to the top ten places in vari­ous contests. Junalyn Coo captured the sec­ond place in bouquet making contest. Allan Ahuniada ranked fourth in flower making with arrangement contest. Exzc Cambroncro captured the second place in lambada mak­ing contest. The adviser of the school chap­te• of the FAHP. Mrs. Barbara C. Cambroncro, was elected business manager of the Regional FAHP Advisers Organiza­tion. The FFP is composed of students taking up Agriculture and Industrial Arts as their specialized subject in Technology and Home Economics (THE), The FAHP is composed of students who prcfered Homemaking Arts as their specialized area in THE. The former organization is supervised by Mr. Virgilio Solacito and Mr. Riifo Casianan, heads of the Agricultural Arts and the Industrial Arts departments of the school. respectively. The latter organization is under the supervision of Mrs. Virginia C. Carcel, head of the Homemaking Arts department of the school, Marro Reyes and Ryan Halili head the (To page 14) I MARCH 1995 The GLOW 500 hurdle NSAT City schools hold career guidance Five hundred out of six hundred seventy fourth year students of the school passed the National Secondary Assessment Test (NSAT) given on September 2, 1994. With this number of examinees who passed the NSAT, the school posted a 74.68 passing percentage, the second highest among the national comprehensive high schools in the province of Iloilo, . The NSAT covered five subject areas-Mathematics. Science, English, Filipino and Vocational Aptitude. Of the five areas, ac­cording to the official results released to the school, the school's examinees faired best in English, having 80.89 percentage of pass­ing. As regards the level of mastery of the five subject areas, vocational aptitude has the highest percentage, 50.48 percent. Starting school year 1994-1995, the gov­ernment through DECS requires all gradu­ating students in both public and private high schools all over the country, to take the NSAT which took the place of the National Col­lege Entrance Examination (NCEE). Unlike the NCEE, the NSAT is not a prerequisite for admission to college. However, it is pre- requisite for graduation from high school. It has a bearing on the final grades of the fourth year students in four subject areas-Science, Math. English, and Filipino. Twenty per? cent of the NSAT result in each of the four subject areas will be added to 80 percent of the general averages of the students in the four subject areas to determine the final grades. It should be noted that for several years that the NCEE was given, the school ranked either first or second among national and comprehensive high schools in the province Iof Iloilo. For the first time in the history of the school's commencement program, the "golden jubilarians" or those who graduated from the school 50 years ago will be honored during the commencement program. The first batch of golden jubilarians belongs to Class '45, the pioneering class of then Cabatuan Regional High School. During the program, every surviving (To page 14) Fourteen colleges and universities in Iloilo City conducted career guidance on fourth year students of the school on February 22 and 23. These schools came to CNCHS upon the invitation of the Guidance Office of the school. To facilitate the smooth and fair hold- ing of career guidance, the Guidance Office scheduled the series of career talks. On Februan. 22, representatives of the University of San Agustin made the only career talk in the morning. The afternoon session started with a talk by representatives of the Department of Labor and Employment. This was followed by a talk of personnel from College Assurance Plan. The next day, February 23, there were six career talks in the morning. The first talk was given by *representatives of Cabalum Western College. This was followed by the talk of personnel of Central Philippine Uni­versity. After the break, the session was resumed with the talk of personnel from the Bachelor in Physical Education department of West The town's public market is currently un­dergoing improvement. Engr. Jose Norman Umadhay, the mu­nicipal planning and development coordina­tor, informed The Glow that the improve­ment constitutes phase three of the total re­habilitation of the public market. The current improvement involves the construction of 16 stalls at ground floor level for the proposed 33 stalls of the two-storey building at the right side of the public mar­ket. -It has an appropriation of P1.2 million from the 20 percent share of the town of its Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) fund for 1994. The project of the municipal govern­ment is being implemented by administra­tion. It should be recalled that the rehabilita­tion of the front building of the public mar- ket was completed in March last year. It underwent two phases. Phase I involve, the construction of the office of the market su­pervisor and his staff at the middle portion of the building. This was constructed through the Budgetary Allocation for Local Governi menu Units (BALGU), amounting td Visayas State University. The next talk was delivered by personnel of St. Therese Col­lege. The talk of instructors from STI then followed. The last talk was given by instruc­tors of Associated Computer School in Iloilo. The afternoon session accommodated talks of representatives of five schools. The first talk was given by Western Institute of Technology, which was followed by Poly­iechnic School of Iloilo. The third talk was given by Forays Computer School. The talk of representatives of the University of Iloilo was given after the break. The Is( talk was given by personnel of West Visayas College of Science and Technology. All. the career guidange sessions were held at the extension of the Shop building. The sessions were planned and coordinated by the Guidance Office, staffed by Miss Helen Huyo, Mrs. Milagros Azin, and Mrs. Nerissa Apelo.' Every year, the school prepares a sched­ule of career guidance by city schools to guide the graduating students of the school on the choice of their career in life. P268,785.14. Phase 11 of the rehabilitation work was divided into sub-phases. Phase 11-A involved the construction of two spans at the left wing of the building. The project was realized through BALGU funds amounting to P400,000. Phase I and this sub-phase of the project were effected by then Mayor Fidel Aliumada. With the election of Mayor Eliseo C. Tobias in 1991, the rehabilitation work con­tinue. Phase 11-B involved the construction of three additional spans at the left wing of the building. Phase 11-C focused on the con­struction of the first three spans at the right wing of the building. The last two remaining spans at the left wing of the building was constructed with the implementation of Phase 11-13. Meanwhile the Casten-Fajardo-Montano road at the left side of the public market was concretely paved. The cementing of the road was one of the projects of Iloilo Vice Governor Robert Maronia. He appropriated P200,000 from his discretionary funds for the project. School to honor "Golden Jubilarians" Public market undergoing renovation