with (1) Raymundo Caspe Casalmir as President, and (2) Candelaria Fajardo Miravite as Secretary
(Photo courtesy: Miravite Archives   Provided and scanned by Cab@1)

1970's Dr. Quiterio Fajardo Miravite
SEAFDEC's Executive Director/Director for General Affairs in the 1970's. Cabatuan NCHS Commencement Speaker in 1976.

A Basis for a Blue Revolution, by Dr. Quiterio Fajardo Miravite
This article appeared in 1979 in a publication of the International Development Research Centre based in Ottawa Canada.

1976 Francisco Huesca Fajardo receives Presidential Golden Plow Award
Photo of Francisco H. Fajardo receiving award from President Marcos and the First Lady.

1960's Cabatuan Association in Greater Manila
Cabatuan Youth Association in Greater Manila in the 1960's.

1950's+ Feliciano Fajardo Miravite
Korean War veteran, was hit in the spinal column, overcame adversity and became an expert in Actuarial Science. PMA Class 1951.

1952 Cabatuan Youth League 1952
Photo of Jose Fajardo Miravite, the President of the Cabatuan Youth League (CYL) speaking before the honorary graduates of 1952.

1950's Cabatuan Association in Greater Manila
Cabatuan Youth Association in Greater Manila in the 1950's.

1947 Bacan Barrio School Photo
Photo of Grade 1 class of Bacan Barrio School in 1947.

War II
Captain Macario "Kayo" Legaspi Fajardo
World War II Intelligence Officer. Brother of Consolacion Legaspi Fajardo-Miravite, the Matriarch of the Miravite Family.

1939    Gines School Photo
Gr. Gines Calsada School. Cabatuan, 1938-1939.

1917 Scholarship Document
Signed and notarized in 1917 by six Cabatuananon teachers, authorizing the Treasurer of the Municipality of Cabatuan to deduct monthly from their personal salaries the tuition payments of some students. Teachers: Zacarias Miravite, Bernardino Muyuela, Wenceslao S. Grio, Vicente Larios, Serafin Jalon, Santos Colomeda.

1917's+ Zacarias Continente Miravite
Miravite Family Patriarch. One of six Cabatuananon teachers who authorized the town of Cabatuan in 1917 to deduct monthly from their salaries the full tuition of some of their students.