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NOTE FROM THE WEBMASTER: When we were developing this site, we discovered a vast treasures of  materials on Tomas Confesor and we decided to gather these not only for every Cabatuananon to be proud of but to make it easy for researchers to access so they would not go through the same ordeal as we experienced. Listed below are the initial materials that we have gathered. We will soon update this page as soon as the reproduction of the other materials is finished. Please bear with us. Thanks!


Tomas Confesor's Biography

Tomas Confesor Photo Gallery

The Historical Letter to Fermin Caram

No Surrender

Tomas Confesor: Fighter to the End

Tomas Confesor: The Leader

Tomas Confesor: Champion of Democracy

Tomas Confesor: The Economist

Meeting A Great Guerilla Leader

Gone is a patriot

Emergency war notes